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2018 Catalogue set


Your Performance is our Passion!

2017 Catalogue set

TutuCute 2-in1 Ballet
Contemporary PopHop
CHaracter & Holiday Holiday Guys
Accessories NX3 PERFORM


Your Performance is our Passion!

2016 Catalogue set

Perform 2015 Tutu Cute
Ballet & Contemporary Jazz, Tap & Hip Hop Holiday & Character
Guys Accesories Accesories


You are our inspiration and we are thrilled to present to you our 2016 costume fashion line. The new collection is all about Inspiring Creativity. You the teacher, the dancer, the visionary, the artist, inspire us. Your passion for dance drives our passion and commitment to you. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to continue to demonstrate why we are the only company that can say... Your Performance is our Passion!




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